Achieving Your Business Goals Is Our Top Priority

At DHA International, we take the time to understand your business objectives and leverage our extensive network of candidates to find the right skills, the right experience, and the right company fit to ensure that your new hires bring the most immediate value to your organization. For over a decade we have partnered with companies to help them expand their employee base and grow their business to new heights.

Finding The Right Fit Is Our Specialty

We have successfully placed highly qualified candidates in prominent roles such as:


  1. COO
  2. President
  3. Director of Manufacturing
  4. General Manager
  5. Production Manager
  6. Operations Manager
  7. Plant Manager


  1. Director of Engineering
  2. Research & Development
  3. Electrical
  4. Mechanical
  5. Industrial
  6. Six-Sigma Black Belt
  7. Lean/OPEX/Process

Supply Chain and Logistics

  1. VP/Director of Logistics
  2. VP of Operations
  3. VP of Transportation
  4. Purchasing Manager
  5. Global Procurement Director
  6. Senior Operations Manager
  7. Supply Chain Solutions Manager

Handpicked Candidates That Deliver Value

Unlike other recruiters, we never post your position on generic job boards. Instead, we expertly handpick candidates that we know will provide the most value to your organization and will bring a unique skill set to their role.

We invest the time to attract top talent to our candidate network, giving you instant access to the right candidates that you need to achieve your business goals.

Goal Identification

Understanding the role you need filled and how that fits with your larger business goals is important to us.

In our initial consultation, we dive deeper to analyze who you need, what skills you need them to have, and what impact you need them to create.

Targeted Searches

At DHA International, we value quality over quantity. That’s why we never post your positions on job boards.

Instead, we take a very strategic approach to target the right candidates with the right skills who will have the greatest impact on day one.

Candidate Vetting

Since our candidate selection process is done by leveraging our large talent network, we go the extra mile.

All candidates are expertly vetted prior to submission, include a full breakdown of their current compensation, job history and education verification.